Rapid Evidence And Knowledge Translation for Providers During COVID-19

Healthcare providers are facing tremendous demands in the face of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. The University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine Division of Continuing Professional Development’s Rural Program (RCPD) and the Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) are providing this personalized service for Canadian providers, powered by volunteer medical students.

REAKT responds to specific questions posed by providers, which may involve evidence review and summary, sourcing existing resources such as pre-printed order sets, or sharing ideas and innovations. Responses are rapid and sent directly to the provider making the request as well as contributing to an expanding online library of resources.

Ask REAKT a question or say hello at ask.reakt@ubc.ca


Thank you to our volunteers:

Madalon Burnett, B.Sc. Hons, UBC MSI-2
Brie Cawston-Grant, MSc, Alberta MSI-3
Raymond Cho, B.Sc. Hons, UBC MSI-4
Julia Chuang, D.Dip (TCM), IUHS MSI-3
Rakesh Dewan, B.Sc (Pharmacy), R.Ph, UBC MSI-3
Kelly Dong, Toronto MSI-2
Kate Jackson, McMaster MSI-3
Jennifer Mullowney, Hons BA, MA, James Cook University, Queensland MBBS-4
Gemma Percival, MN, BScN, BA Hons, Calgary MSI-3
Tomas Rapaport, UBC MSI-3
Nathan Schuck, UBC MSI-4
Lisa Szostek, UBC MSI-1
Kristin Walters, MBA, Croatia MSI-5

Thank you to our Physician Reviewers:

Dr. Lindsay Bowman, Family Physician, Walkerton, ON
Dr. Neasa Coll, Family Physician
Dr. Jel Coward, Emergency Medicine and Family Practice Physician
Dr. Nicole Ebert, Rural FP Obstetrician
Dr. Sean Ebert, Rural FP Anesthetist
Dr. Gordon Horner, Family Physician
Dr. Paul Mackey
, Rural FP Anesthetist
Dr. Sarah Newbery, Rural Generalist Physician, Marathon FHT
Dr. John A Soles, Family Physician, Chief of Staff,  Dr Helmcken Memorial Hospital
Dr. Steven Yau, Family Physician

We are also:

Laura Beamish, Senior Manager
Dr. Nicole Ebert, Physician Lead
Ellison Richmond, Project Coordinator